Catering Packaging Needs of Various Industries

Pharmaceutical Packaging

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Pharmaceuticals require that special care for packaging that keeps the medicines intact without any external factor affecting the packaging. At Mahip, we use Sterile packaging for glass as well as plastic products that provides the necessary protection to the medical products.

Electronics Packaging

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Electric products require that extra care of cushioning due to their nature. Mahip provides this extra care through Jerk proof and water proof packaging ensures extra care of electronics during transportation.

Food & Beverage Packaging

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The food and beverages industry demands clean and hygienic packaging for which the packaging has to be flawless. Moreover, increasing preference for economical, eco-friendly, and light weight packaging has increased the importance of packaging in this sector. At Mahip, we make sure that we provide quality packaging that reaches the customer in the best condition.


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Due to its perishable nature, packaging for fruits and vegetables holds a great importance. They have to be transported across cities, states and countries. At Mahip, we undertake damage - free packaging of horticulture products to ensure hygienic and safe transport to the end user.

Textile Packaging

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With the onset of e-commerce, demand for textile packaging is on an all time high. Mahip provides moisture proof packaging to ensure that the product reaches safely and in proper condition as desired.

Industrial Packing

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We also cater to packaging for various industrial products like ceramics, chemicals and aluminium foils. Ceramics require a smooth packaging due to its brittle nature while chemicals require light resistant packaging to retain its original form. At Mahip, we make sure that packaging for each product is in a way that it reaches the end user safely and in a good condition.

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