Corrugated Sheets
Corrugated Baxes

Single Face Corrugated Sheets

Single Face corrugated is a standard packaging, cushioning and converting material that is used in a wide range of industrial, retail and decorative applications. Think of sleeves for your coffee cup, to boxes for your smartphone to general pallet wrapping, single face corrugated does it all.

Single Wall Corrugated Sheet

Single Wall Corrugated Sheet is made of cardboard with corrugated design to provide durability. It protects your products and helps prevent damage caused by strapping or forklifts.

Corrugated Rolls
Corrugated Sheets

Double Wall Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated Sheets protect your products and help prevent damage caused by strapping or forklifts. Double Wall Corrugated Sheet provide extra durability and strength and can also be used as a dust barrier during storage. Stabilize stacked loads by separating layers with sturdy double wall cardboard sheets, and create safer pallet loads.

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